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Gas Power Generation & Air Seperation

Application Field:
Gas Power Generation & Air Seperation
    In many industrial environment,to ensure large and expensive air driving equipment effectively and continuously trouble-free running all year long,the intake air is required to be filtrated to reduce the damage of dust to equipments.
Typical Equipment: Gas Turbine, Air Seperation Unit,Air Compressor,Air Blower,etc.
    Yantair provides professional solutions and air filter products for gas turbine,air seperation  units,and some other industrial fields.   
Typical Client:
Air Products and Chemicals Inc. 
Praxair Industrial Gas Co.,Ltd.
Messel Gas Products Co.,Ltd.
Baoshan Iron &Steel Co.,Ltd.
PetroChina Western Pipeline Co.,Ltd.
Wuchang Huadian  Thermal Power Plant
Datang Gaojing Thermal Power Plant
Jiangsu Guoxin Huaian Power Plant
Haikou Nanshan Power Plant
Shenzhen Eastern Power Plant
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