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Livestock Farming

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Livestock Farming
    Practice shows that air filtration system, an effective way to control the spread of disease,can effectively intercept virulent viruses and deadly bacterias.With the development of domestic large-scale livestock farming,air filters have been applied to the ventilation system of modern livestock farms gradually and play an important role in guarantee air quality and epidemic prevention.
     Yantair entered into this field earlier and has been  developing dedicated air filters of high efficiency, low resistance and long service life for this field.
Typical Client:
Riverstone Farm Co.,Ltd.
Muyuan Food Stuff Co.,Ltd.
Newhope Liuhe
CP Group
Xin Bai Qin Vehicle Co.,Ltd.
Qingdao Huayun Union trading Co.,Ltd.
Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co.,Ltd.
Cinek Fire Vehicle Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
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